Asphalt Green Triathlon Club

QT2 offers triathlon group training sessions in New York City via the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club!

Sign up for the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, and get discounted access to the Asphalt Green facility, access to group workouts in NYC (schedule below), the QT2 Member Area, and several of QT2 Systems' coaching services.  

A couple of key areas to point out related to the QT2 and your Asphalt Green Triathlon Club Membership:

  • Asphalt Green Triathlon Team Discounts with QT2 including all QT2 partners HERE.
  • Past webinars have been recorded and posted to the ‘Recorded Webinars’ tab..over 40 hours of webinars!
  • Asphalt Green specific ask the coach forum.
  • During the winter months, QT2 Coaches hold bi-weekly Office Hours, on Sunday evenings.  These are held under the ‘QT2 Chat Room’ tab.
  • Weekly group sessions!  See the current schedule below!

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Group Sessions Schedule

*Note: All Asphalt Green Triathlon Club athletes have the option to swim with AGUA Masters.  Please see an AGUA Swim Coach to discuss.

Group Sessions Staff

  • Ken Szekretar
  • Rob Gibbons
  • Russell Marks
  • Tim Clarke
  • Liz Urtecho
  • Ben Lloyd
  • Ann Karine (Asphalt Green at Battery Park City)

Upgrade Options

As member of the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your membership to include one of three different coaching options.  These options are as follows:

1-1 Coaching For Asphalt Green
This is our One-on-one coaching service; QT2's flagship program.  For Coach Levels description, CLICK HERE!
Sale - Save 5%
Annual Mission Plans For Asphalt Green
An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for a specific race or season, and fit your personal training volume, and planned races. This option is an ideal alternative to our One-on-One coaching, providing a structured plan and group to help stay motivated. All mission plans include the same proven QT2 training protocols that have produced Ironman champions and countless Kona qualifiers. Click HERE, to see what our Mission Plans look like.
Sale - Save 18%
Race Ready Program
The “Race Ready Program” is very similar to the past Asphalt Green Tri Ironman, Half Ironman and Olympic Teams. In this offering, each athlete will receive up to a 22-week plan built around each of their specific limiters and needs, and loaded into an online training account. Athletes will fill out an initial questionnaire indicating strengths, weaknesses, athletic background, and time available to train. Questions will be addressed on webinars or group meetings as needed.
Personal Triathlon Coaching for Asphalt Green
OutRival Racing coaches offer Personal Online Coaching with detailed support and scheduling to help triathletes improve over the long-haul. Athletes work with an individual coach to reach their goals together. WHAT LEVEL IS MY COACH!?
Sale - Save 5%
Asphalt Green Triathlon Club Membership
Sign up for the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, and get access to NYC’s finest indoor training facility, coached group workouts, the QT2 Member Area, social events, and several of QT2 Systems' coaching services!  Get fit, and have fun with a group of like minded New York City athletes! We offer several different membership options - Gold, Gold with Masters, Day-Only, Day-Only with Masters, and Tri Club-Only. Read below for further explanation on each.