Personal Triathlon Coaching for Asphalt Green Personal Triathlon Coaching for Asphalt Green

Personal Triathlon Coaching for Asphalt Green

OutRival Racing coaches offer Personal Online Coaching with detailed support and scheduling to help triathletes improve over the long-haul. Athletes work with an individual coach to reach their goals together.


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OPTION: Nutrition ($399 initial fee + $25/28 days):
OPTION: Group Sessions (+$50/28 days):

There is a 16 week minimum commitment for the Personal Coaching program.  You will be contacted by your coach, or we will contact you to set you up with a coach within 24 hours after purchase. Once you discuss your training program with your coach and have agreed on a start date, your billing will begin the following Monday. All billing pauses, stops, and restarts should be discussed with your coach, and made by you via your "My Account" area on the ORR website. Your coach will get you started with the Nutrition add-on program if you chose it. There is a 2 period minimum for the nutrition add-on service!

  • Customized, handcrafted training schedule and ongoing communication with an experienced coach
  • Personal Online Training Account to schedule and log workouts
  • Customized Training Plan to fit your schedule and fitness goals 
  • Personal Intensity Zone Training based on specific testing protocols
  • Continuous performance testing
  • Weekly workout scheduling and daily updates as needed 
  •  Continuous communication with your coach via email and/or phone
  • Evaluation of goal races to fit in your work, life, and training balance
  • Access to discounts from local and national sponsors
  • Discounted rates on Group Sessions, Nutrition Plans, the OutRival Team Membership and more!
  • Note: 4 period (28-days) minimum commitment  
NUTRITION PLAN AND RACE FUELING PLAN(add $399 initial fee + $25/4-week block): 
  • Nutrition Plan developed by our registered dietitians including a two-hour consultation to discuss and review the plan.
  • Race Fueling Plan analysis and written plan including individual athlete sweat rate, sodium loss, carbohydrate loading, and other race day needs.  Includes a one-hour consultation to discuss and review the plan.
  • Core Diet member area resources including the "Ask The RD" Forum, recipe database, macronutrient calculator, and other resources!
  • Note: 2 period (28-day) minimum commitment on this service