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Private Lesson

Build confidence, train safely, and get results by working one-on-one with our coaches. Each triathlete is different. Private lessons address your individual strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas you need to improve. Sessions are available for single disciplines or any combination of biking and running. Training will focus on improving efficiency, technique, speed, and endurance in the selected areas. There are no refunds for our consultations. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly after purchase to set you up with a coach/meeting and discuss your needs!

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Our private lesson are paid lump sum up front and are 1-hour in duration. Please have your training data ready for review by our coaches. There are no refunds for our private lessons. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly after purchase to set up a meeting! 


Private lesson ideas (1 hour session, available in select cities):
  • Swimming Lesson: Learn how to swim freestyle and/or other stokes
  • Open Water Swim Swim Session: Individual Practice Session in Local Lake
  • Cycling Skills and Efficiency: Indoor or outdoor session on skills such as pedaling efficiency, cornering, shifting, and race tactics.
  • Cycling Lactate Threshold Heart Rate or Funtional Threshold Power Test: Indoor or outdoor session to test LTHR, FTP, or both (power meter can be borrowed from ORR for testing).
  • Bike Safety and Maintenance: Learn how to ride safely and keep your bike running smoothly.
  • Running LTHR Test: Treadmill test for Lactate Threshold Heartrate
  • Running Time Trial: Field test to to calculate Lactate Threshold Heartrate or Pacing Zones
  • Running Mechanics Lesson: Run mechanics instruction to improve form and efficiency
  • Triathlon Transition Practice: Practice, proper setup, transition protocol, mount and dismount options, etc.
  • Mental Skills Consultation: Improve your mental game so that you put all that hard training to optimal use.
  • Miscellaneous: Learn how to change a flat, pack a bike for airline travel, race prep, improve mental skills, etc

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