Coach Jesse Kropelnicki Announces Upcoming PRO Athlete Camp

January 02, 2013

Head Coach Jesse Kropelnicki, of QT2 Systems, announces the implementation of a new PRO/ELITE athlete training camp. Based out of Clermont, FL, this exclusive camp will feature 17 professional athletes working with QT2 Systems. This camp was created for PROs, to develop their talent within a group squad environment. The camp will run for 17 days, beginning on February 15th, and will utilize Clermont's renowned National Training Center. The camp has been scheduled for the early season to allow PROs the opportunity to prepare for early season racing, in weather conditions that they are likely to experience on race day. Kropelnicki said of the camp, "I'm excited to get all of our coached PROs in one location to learn from one another. All athletes have strengths, physically and mentally, that they can share with their peers. That's the purpose and focus of this camp, to advance the ability of QT2 athletes to operate as true professionals, not simply fast athletes with PRO licenses." Coach Jesse plans to run this PRO camp each year in February and potentially add other PRO camps throughout the summer, in order to continue to foster the importance of face-to-face contact with his athletes and have them benefit from the squad atmosphere.

The 2013 confirmed list of attendees for the Florida camp includes many Ironman podium finishers and past Ironman Champions:

Notable Performance
Chris Baird
ITU/70.3 Athlete
AJ Baucco
2nd OA Savageman 2012
Brianna Blanchard
ITU Athlete
Matt Curbeau
1st Year PRO
Jessie Donavan
1st OA IMLP 2012
Pedro Gomes
3rd OA IM AUSTRIA 2012
Jacqui Gordon
3rd OA IMLP 2012
Jennie Hansen
2nd OA IMLP 2012
Stephanie Jones
5th OA IMFL 2012
Amanda Kourtz
1st Year PRO
Doug MacLean
5th OA IMLP 2012
Kim Schwabenbauer
3rd OA REV3 Cedar Pt 2012
Caitlin Snow
9th OA IM Kona 2012
Tim Snow
8th OA IMLP 2011
Darby Thomas
4th OA Antwerp 70.3 2012
Tatiana Vertiz
1st Year PRO
Patrick Wheeler
1st Year PRO

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