QT2 Systems, LLC Announces Its New Maintenance Plans!

August 29, 2017

QT2 Systems, LLC is excited to announce the addition of its newest service, Maintenance Plans!  Developed for the athlete who loves, and lives, the endurance lifestyle, but is taking a needed break from day-to-day training, and does not want to lose all of the hard-earned fitness that has been gained.  Feeling a little burnt out, and just need a break from the structure of training?  Looking to get through the holidays in a good spot, with as little time commitment as possible?  Battling a frustratingly nagging injury that doesn't allow you to train fully?  Maintenance Plans may be perfect for you!

Athletes will receive customized training and nutrition, based upon their in-season needs, and within the activities that they enjoy the most.  Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, strength training, or anything that raises the heart rate can be worked into the program, to focus on the athlete's off-season wants and needs.

All programs kick off with an initial call with a USAT and QT2 Certified Coach, as well as a Core Diet Registered Dietitian, to get things started on the right foot.  Beyond that, athletes can choose how specific they want their Maintenance Plan to be.  Be it specific daily workouts, or simply general guidance, your Maintenance Plan will be developed around what you can and want to do.  Maintenance Plans are void of the pressures of performance, and aim to simply keep you in shape, during times when staying in shape seems most difficult.

Maintenance Plans are a great way to maintain a season's worth of fitness gains, without being beholden to the commitment of a focused training program.  With that, these plans are also a great way to get started with QT2 and then begin structured training as the 2018 season gets closer.  If you are interested in bridging the end of one season into the beginning of the next, or simply need a mid-season break, while still focused on progress, Maintenance Plans may be just the ticket!  Click HERE, to learn more about this new program.