QT2 PRO Elite Team Details

Vision Statement

The QT2 PRO Elite Team is intended to remove the added pressures, on athletes, of seeking sponsorship opportunities, and providing a world best support system, in the triathlon space, for our PROs.  Many PROs spend a significant amount of time, and/or stress in seeking these opportunities, stealing focus away from their training and race day preparation.  QT2's PRO Elite Team helps remove these pressures so athletes can focus on their own preparation.

PRO Team Q&A

Can I wear my own custom race kit and still be on the team?

Yes, you may still be on the team!  QT2 allows our PRO athletes to wear their own custom race kit, provided the design includes the QT2 logo, in one of the top-two most prominent locations. All custom race kits should also include the sponsor logos that are on the QT2 race kit, if you are planning to receive benefits from those sponsors (on an individual basis). All custom race kits should be submitted to Christine Kropelnicki, QT2 Team Director, for approval, prior to printing.

I am planning to join the team.  Does this mean I get one of everything from each sponsor (bike, wetsuit, etc)?

Because QT2 has many PRO athletes, we are not able to distribute one of every single sponsor product, to each athlete, each year (some we do).  We do, however, distribute a good number of products, each year, to those athletes in need.  If you are in need of a particular product, please let us know ASAP, after team contracts are distributed.  We are typically able to find a way to get athletes what they are in need of.

What if I have sponsors that conflict with the QT2 PRO Elite Team?  Can I still be on the team?

Yes, you may have sponsors that conflict with the QT2 team, and still join.  In late-December/early-January we send out a survey, to our PROs, asking which categories of sponsorship they will be opting OUT of, for the QT2 team.  You will not receive benefits from the QT2 sponsors in the categories that you opt out of.  

Any category you do not opt out of, QT2 becomes your agent, and primary contact with, for that season.  All communication with that partner should be done via the QT2 Team Director and/or Sponsorship Director, unless otherwise approved by QT2.

I joined the team, but didn’t get as much stuff as my friend who is also on the team.  Why?

Athletes with sponsorship conflicts will not receive products in those categories that conflict. For instance, if we are distributing bike kits to the PRO Elite Team, via our partnership with Wattie Ink, and you have a conflict in the apparel category, then you will not receive a free QT2 Wattie Ink bike kit.

Why does the QT2 PRO Elite Team cost $195?

QT2 spends a significant amount of time and effort on its PRO team, each year.  These efforts include:

  • QT2 spends a significant amount of time each year negotiating contracts with its partners, and setting up a program for the following year.  Once the season begins, QT2 must deliver on every detail of each contract, including the reporting of results to our partners, promotion of partner specials, website updates, etc.  Many times in return for offering our athletes benefits, the QT2 staff must leverage QT2 resources to benefit the partner.  Examples of this include sponsored key race breakfasts with sponsor logos and signage, sponsor logo inclusion in designed print and web media, distribution of benefits/specials to athletes, etc.  There is A LOT that goes on behind the scenes to deliver on what we promise our sponsors in return for what they provide us.
  • Payment of 3 salaries to help support the team…Social Media Director, Sponsorship & Marketing Director, and Team Manager.  We also contract a graphic designer to create web content, and apparel throughout the year. These salaries are partially paid by our team membership fees, partially by sponsorships, and partially by QT2 as a marketing cost.
  • Many partners require content to be written by QT2 staff, throughout the year, for inclusion in their media and/or chat sessions and webinars administered by QT2 staff.
  • All efforts by QT2 staff to  maintain and promote team sponsors are to help provide YOU with support from them.
  • Many successful PRO athletes not on the QT2 Team have their own agents to negotiate deals for them.  Typically, these agents retain 15-20% of any money earned by the athlete through sponsorship deals.  QT2 retains 15% of these earnings, but unfortunately many of our PROs earn little money through sponsorship endorsements during the year, and therefore a very small monthly fee is required to make what we do for YOU viable for us.

In addition, for the $195 annual fee you receive:

  • Product from our sponsors valued at between $300 and $10,000.  This is dependent upon which sponsorships you take advantage of, and which custom sponsorships you qualify for (based on performance and need).
  • DEEP discounts of 40-75% on gear from almost all partners.
  • Access to the QT2 prize bonus pool, if you wear the QT2 race kit, ($10,000 in 2020....top earning PROs received ~$1500 last year)
  • Representation by the QT2 Sponsorship Director and Team Manager to interface with our partners and arrange custom support for you, when needed. QT2 maintains a basic minimum level of support, common to all athletes.  Above and beyond this, we try to accommodate athlete needs, as they arise.  Athletes who are truly in need of new or upgraded gear, from our sponsors, may receive these additional benefits, as needed.  
  • Access to the partner cash bonuses for top finishes (Last year the team had 5 partners offering cash performance bonuses).  Note, QT2 takes 15% of these earnings that you may receive as a representation (agent) fee. 
  • QT2 podium shirt, race kit (if you chose to wear it), bike kit, hat/visor, and other gear, valued at over $400
  • FREE access to key event pre-race breakfasts, post-race socials, and discounted holiday banquet tickets….food and drink included!