QT2 Releasing a BRAND NEW Pilot Program!

November 01, 2013

Next Wednesday, November 6th, QT2 will be piloting a brand new service to the first 15 athletes that register! Yet to be named, it will give athletes access to guidance (via phone conversation) from our certified coaches and nutrition professionals, including Jaime Windrow, Jesse Kropelnicki, Caitlin Snow, Tim Snow, John Spinney, Patrick Wheeler, Tara Rasch, and Christine Kropelnicki.

With this new service athletes will:

  • Be able to ask questions, and get advice on an unlimited number of new matters, for up to 30 minutes with each call.
  • Be able to speak to a coach or registered dietitian, on an unlimited number of new nutrition, training, or racing topics. Your coach or dietitian can answer your questions and offer advice for up to 30 minutes on each new topic. You can submit one consultation request under each category (fueling, nutrition, pacing, post-race review, season planning, mental fitness, and/or training) each month. 
  • Be eligible for exclusive discounts on QT2 fueling plans, mission plans, nutrition plans, and pacing plans.

All calls will be scheduled with an online scheduling system, allowing athletes to choose the category and topic they would like to discuss, the coach or nutrition professional they would like to speak with, and the available date and time for the 30 minute call.  The professional will then call them at that time on that day.

The cost of this service will be $40 per month to the first 15 athletes who register, and will then be closed for evaluation by QT2.  Registration will open at 8am, on Wednesday November 6th. If you would like to receive an email reminder to register (with a link) on Wednesday morning, please send us an email now at services@qt2systems.com.

With this industry first service, QT2 hopes to provide affordable added support, from a diverse group of talented nutrition and training professionals, to current Mission Plan and ALL ACCESS clients (15% discount for members of each, using current discount codes), as well as support to athletes outside of QT2, who would like to see what QT2 has to offer. 

QT2 is excited to release this pilot program which it believes is an industry first.