QT2 Systems Launches Member Area Chats

February 03, 2016

QT2 Systems, LLC is excited to relaunch its Coach-Athlete Member Area chats, on a bi-weekly basis.  Armed with newly developed software, infused into the QT2 Member Area, the chat functionality is now equipped to record and archive all sessions, allow athletes to communicate with the Coach via text and/or "face-to-face" format, with screeen sharing soon to be available, as well.  Coach-Athlete Chat Sessions will be available to all QT2 1-1, Mission Plan, and All-Access athletes., and serve as a format where athletes can discuss anything, triathlon, with our coaches.  We will advertise each session, and which coach(es) will be hosting, during the week leading in.  No pre-registration is necessary.  Just log into your QT2 Member Area and click on the QT2 Chat Room tab.  

All are encouraged to join!