QT2 Systems athletes Brave The Heat at Ironman Texas 2013

May 21, 2013

QT2 athletes had to deal with some pretty difficult conditions at Ironman Texas, and were once again forced to overcome a good deal of adversity. But, that is the nature of Ironman. If you were following the athletes this past Saturday, May 18, 2013, at the Memorial Hermann IronmanTexas, you already know just how difficult it was. There were 19 QT2 athletes racing, up from 13 in 2012, and considering the conditions of the day (temps in the mid- to upper-90’s, with a heat index of 108 degrees), all of them deserve a lot of respect for making it across the finish line.

In the women’s professional race, QT2 PRO’s Jennie Hansen and Kim Schwabenbauer stole the show as they went 2nd and 3rd overall! Jennie’s 3:10:51 marathon was the 3rd fastest of all women on the day, as she finished in 9:25:35. Right behind her, with the 4th fastest run time, was Kim in 3:19:15! Kim ended the day finishing in 9:33:01.

PRO Kim Schwabenbauer gives her take in this post race interview:

For the professional men, QT2 PRO A.J. Baucco stayed strong on the run, finishing in 8:53:37 good for 8th place overall. PRO Pedro Gomes was a few spots behind, in 12th place at 9:08:07.

In the age-group race, eight QT2 athletes racing finished in the top-10 of their respective divisions and two in the top five! One athlete, Derek Delmonico who grabbed 5th place in the M40-44 earned his trip to Kona.

QT2 athlete Audra Adair who took 2nd in the F35-39, with the second fastest run split for her division and 15th OA for the women, would have grabbed a Kona slot, but had already qualified by winning her age-group back in November at Ironman Arizona!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors who continue to help us succeed in all aspects of the sport;

Pearl Izumi, Quintana Roo, Normatec MVP, Powerbar, Fuelbelt, Fast:Splits Multisport, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, NuunWells Fargo AdvisorsSaltStick, SRM, Dr.SearsZone, Be Well Boston and Salmon Health & Retirement.

Those receiving awards included:
A.J. Baucco - 8:53:37, 8th Pro Male
Jennie Hansen - 9:25:35, 2nd PRO Female
Kim Schwabenbauer- 9:33:01, 3rd PRO Female
Audra Adair - 10:36:54, 2nd Female 35-39

As what seems to be the norm for QT2 athletes, they had to battle extremely challenging conditions, with full sun and temperatures in the upper-90's and a real feel of over 100! This, alone, makes the day's results that much more impressive. Next Stop: Rev3 Quassy on June 2, 2013. See you then!

Check out this post race interview with Jennie Hansen:

QT2 Results - Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas
A.J. Baucco - 8:53:37, 8th Pro Male
Pedro Gomes – 9:08:07, 12th Pro Male
Jennie Hansen – 9:25:35, 2nd Pro Female *3rd Fastest Marathon
Kim Schwabenbauer – 9:33:01, 3rd Pro Female *4th Fastest Marathon
Derek Delmonico – 10:02:24, 5th M40-44 *Kona Slot
Audra Adair – 10:36:54, 2nd F35-39 *2nd Fastest AG Marathon
Pat Wheeler – 10:47:22
Patty Carrel - 10:59:36, 7th F40-44
Christine Kogut – 11:09:43, 10th F40-44
Carl Hefflefinger – 11:13:39, 9th M50-54
James Harris – 11:18:10, *72 minute PR
Britney Wilson – 11:19:09, 7th F25-29
John Barrett – 11:39:06
Donavon Lewis – 12:12:51, *117 minute PR
Margarita Sevilla – 12:20:18
Ryan Oilar – 12:23:03
Tracey Delmonico - 13:29:10
Stephanie Boutilier – 13:57:41
Molly Zahr – 14:12:29