QT2 Systems Signs a 3-Year Deal With Quintana Roo

January 22, 2013

QT2 Systems Triathlon Racing Team is pleased to announce Quintana Roo as its official bike sponsor for the 2013 season, and beyond.

The QT2 Systems Triathlon Racing Team will have their pick of Quintana Roo's two top-level, triathlon-specific bicycles, the CDO.1, and the brand's premier racing machine, the Illicito. Also, the Litespeed brand, Quintana Roo's sister company, gives the QT2 team the option to expand their stable into the world of road bikes, as well.

QT2 Systems' racing team is comprised of triathletes at every level, including 24 Professionals, some of who were among the team's 27 Kona qualifiers in 2012. In 2013, the team will field approximately 140 athletes, and be the most geographically diverse squad to date.

"QT2 Systems is the ideal candidate for our brand to continue to develop and grow. Their group of dedicated athletes are among the sport's most committed and well-prepared. Like us, they take the sport of triathlon very seriously, and have a sense of community within which everyone is able to prosper. We are thrilled to work with QT2 Systems over the long-term, as it will allow us significantly more latitude to realize a truly mutually beneficial relationship", said American Bicycle Group's CEO, Peter Hurley.

Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of QT2 Systems, said of the relationship, "We are very excited about putting together a multi-year deal with QR. This will allow us to grow with them, and promote one another along the way. In the past, having been subjected to only single year commitments, with our bike sponsors, neither party has had the time necessary to foster the value of the relationship, for all that it could be. Our current 3-year agreement gives us that time, and our athletes the time to cultivate their brand."

For more information on the 2013 Quintana Roo product lineup, please visit http://www.quintanarootri.com. To submit an application for the 2013 QT2 Triathlon Racing Team, please visit http://www.qt2systems.com