Use a consultation to answer all the triathlon related questions you may have.  Consultation Up to a 90 minute call or meeting with your coach to discuss anything you would like relative to triathlon! 
Consultation With Season Plan
Our consultations with season plan are paid lump sum up front at a rate of $15 per week of plan. When calculating your plan length, please allow two weeks after your questionnaire is received to receive your training plan. Please download the initial questionnaire HERE and have it ready for our staff. You will be contacted within 48 hours by our staff who will start writing your plan! Note, there is a 12 week minimum for all season plans!
Private Lesson
Build confidence, train safely, and get results by working one-on-one with our coaches. Each triathlete is different. Private lessons address your individual strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas you need to improve. Sessions are available for single disciplines or any combination of biking and running. Training will focus on improving efficiency, technique, speed, and endurance in the selected areas. There are no refunds for our consultations. Our staff will be in touch with you shortly after purchase to set you up with a coach/meeting and discuss your needs!