Required 'Equipment' Guidlelines

The following are must-haves, in order to be able to participate in the virtual race series.

  • A working GPS device for running and/or swimming, connected to either STRAVA and/or Garmin Connect.

  • A publicly viewable STRAVA and/or Garmin Connect account.

  • A working ZWIFT account.

  • A 'smart-trainer' connected to ZWIFT, or a traditional trainer with a working based-based power meter that is connected to ZWIFT. You may not use a traditional trainer with a wheel-speed sensor connected to ZWIFT.

  • A working knowledge of how to switch between road and Time Trial bike frames within the ZWIFT game. You, the human, may ride any bike you'd like, but your ZWIFTer must be on the type of bike (road or TT) outlined within each event.