QT2 Coaches

Tim Gerry

QT2 Level 1 Coach


Tim is currently a Physical Education teacher and coach at the high school level, and has been involved in the sport of triathlon since 2004.

Tim’s decision to join QT2 has been one of his most rewarding athletic. QT2 has transformed Tim from a competitive age grouper, to a consistent podium finisher, twice qualifying for the Ironman World Championship. His QT2 mentor, and coach, Brad Strater has instilled, in Tim, that success lies in the consistent adherence to the QT2 and Core Diet principles.

Tim understands the needs of his athletes, by working with them to balance jobs, training and family. His goal is to create a working relationship, by listening to his athletes, creating common goals and embarking upon the journey together.

When not coaching, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Being a role model for his children is very important to him as well as being present in their everyday lives.

Tim’s believes in drawing from his experiences as an athlete, parent, teacher and coach, combining them with the QT2 principles to help his athletes reach for their dreams, and realize their potential through progressive structured training blocks.

Coach Level: QT2 Level 1 Coach
Credentials: USAT Level I
Years With QT2: 5
Years Racing Triathlon: 18