Workout of the Month - Tri & Run Strength with Coach Mary Kelley - Weights & Bands #7

April 25, 2021

Tri & Run Strength with Coach Mary Kelley - Weights & Bands #7

Coach Mary Kelley of OutRival Racing introduces 6 strength, stability & core exercises that can be done anywhere, during any phase of training.  Stabilize your core, strengthen your posterior chain, and work every major muscle group with this efficient session designed for triathletes and runners.  


-- 2 Medium Weights - 8-12 lbs each (or kettlebells, or water bottles) 
-- Mini Band (Medium) 
-- Box, Chair, Couch or Bench 

After a 5-10 minute warm-up with cardio and/or mobility, complete 10-12 reps of each exercise. Repeat one or twice more for a total of 2-3 sets.  
Follow along in real-time for set #1 with explanations, or skip ahead to 8:00 to see quick clips of each exercise.

1. Back Lunge with Overhead Hold (focus on 1 side for 10 reps, then switch)
2. Bird Dog with Band & Light Weight (or water bottle) (focus on 1 side for 10 reps, then switch)
3. Chest Press with Hip Bridge (1-Leg option) 
4. Bent Row & Fly 
5. Hip Press with optional Weights
6. Oblique Heel Taps (optional band) 
Repeat 1-2 more times for a complete session!

You can find more strength training and mobility videos on Coach Mary Kelley’s YouTube channel.

About Coach Mary Kelley ...

Recently relocating from the United Arab Emirates to Bend, Oregon, Mary has been coaching triathletes for over 18 years, and racing since 2000. With specialties in strength training, swim coaching and postpartum fitness, Mary is also a mom to 4 kids, and loves helping athletes fit training into their busy lives.