Premier 1-1 Coaching Premier 1-1 Coaching

Premier 1-1 Coaching

This is our absolute top-of-the-line service! QT2's flagship program, in it’s MOST comprehensive way. You will have a coach, a Registered Dietitian, and our Mental Fitness Coach all assigned to your training and race day success.

A fully individualized program will be created to address your personal athletic goals. This program includes nutrition analysis, weight loss, efficiency training, annualized season periodization, daily workouts, full workout analysis and feedback, constant and consistent communication with your dedicated coach, and so much more. This option is the absolute top-of-the-line coaching package for advanced athletes, or those who are looking to create a total athletic makeover.

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OPTION: Nutrition ($399 initial fee + $25/28 days):
OPTION: Group Sessions (+$50/28 days):
Minimum Duration: 24 weeks

There is a 24-week minimum commitment for this program. You will be contacted by your coach, or we will contact you to set you up with a coach within 24 hours after purchase.  Once you discuss your training program with your coach, and have agreed on a start date your billing will begin the following Monday. All billing pauses, stops, and restarts should be discussed with your coach, and made by you via your "My Account" area on the QT2 website.

The Package Includes:


  • Assignment to a QT2 Systems Premier Service Coach
  • Fully personalized periodization plan, to outline your training season
  • Daily training schedule delivered on a weekly basis
  • Daily training adjustments made on an as-needed basis
  • Unlimited contact with your coach, as needed
  • Training Peaks Premium account
  • Workouts delivered in full technological compatibility with Training Peaks, Garmin devices, and any other training technologies (i.e. ZWIFT) used by the athlete
  • Fully personalized swim workouts, developed around the athlete’s strengths/weaknesses, and specific-pacing
  • Daily feedback on all submitted workout results
  • Physiological testing (3 | 20 and/or Ramp), to determine HR thresholds, FTP, and athlete-specific training parameters
  • Specific targeting of physiological limiters, and monitoring of progress throughout the season
  • Any pertinent athlete analyses (Functional Strength, Swim Stroke, Run Gait, Bike Fit, Physiological ‘Dials’, Mental Fitness, etc.)
  • Regular equipment consultations (swim, bike, run, nutrition, recovery, etc.)
  • Training technology consultation and guidance

Race Pacing

  • Pre- and Post-Race Call/Discussion
  • Formal written race plan, with quantitative pacing targets, delivered as soon as race day conditions become reasonably predictable
  • Race weekend nutrition review
  • Quantitative post-Race analyses, relative to each discipline’s expected targets, delivered within Training Peaks, including analysis of power, pace, and heartrate files against QT2 specific metrics for race day success 
  • Formal qualitatative and quantitative written analysis of overall race performance

Race Fueling

  • Fully personalized Race Fueling Plans, across a variety of race distances, including athlete sweat rate and sodium loss specifics 
  • Review of personalized Race Fueling Plans with a Core Diet Registered Dietitian
  • Race week review of the event’s fueling plan, with a Core Diet Registered Dietitian
  • Deep discounts on race, training, and recovery fuels with industry partners


  • Fully personalized Nutrition Plan, developed by a Core Diet Registered Dietitian, to drive toward achievement, or maintenance of healthy body composition
  • Ongoing daily support with a Core Diet Registered Dietitian
  • Frequent assessment and discussion, with Coach, of QT2’s Recovery Checklist

Mental Fitness

  • Fully open-door communication between the Coach and athlete, on an as-needed basis, through means defined by the athlete
  • Coach guided tour of QT2’s Mental Fitness section in the athlete Member Area
  • Formal meeting and assessment of athlete’s Mental Fitness, with QT2’s Mental Fitness Coach
  • Personalized Mental Fitness Race Week Preparation Plan, developed in conjunction with QT2’s Mental Fitness Coach
  • Coach/Athlete collaboration on developing athlete’s season Goals and Targets
  • Coach developed Goals for the athlete
  • Coach/Athlete collaboration on developing coach’s Goals in his/her work with the athlete


  • A monthly meeting of your Coach, Registered Dietitian, and Mental Fitness Coach to discuss your progress, and areas of/for growth - May, or may not, include the athlete
  • Automatic status enrollment as a QT2 Platinum member
  • One FREE training camp, each year
  • Automatic annual enrollment on QT2’s Racing Team
  • Annual apparel bundle, including team kit, hat, visor, water bottles, hoodie, and podium shirt

Absolutely no service is spared. We will do whatever we feel it will take to help you to reach your goals.