QT2 Completes Merger with OutRival Racing

December 29, 2014

Boston, MA - QT2 Systems, LLC (QT2) has completed a merger with OutRival Racing (ORR), of the Woodlands, TX.  The merging of QT2 with ORR creates a leading global endurance sports coaching group of over 500 coached athletes, 35 coaches, five registered dietitians, and five dedicated administrative staff. Further details on the merger are below:

  • QT2 completed the merger with OutRival Racing on December 19, 2014;
  • Each company came to the merger with a focus on credibility and athlete service; and
  • A truly STRONG entity emerges as a result of this merger with complementary rather than duplicative services: Texas based ORR offers personal and group endurance training services for triathlon, running and cycling.  Boston based QT2 delivers personalized coaching services for dedicated professional and amateur triathletes across the country.

“I am very confident that this will be a significant step forward in the development of the QT2 brand of operating businesses, and provides for expanded opportunities for all of staff, both QT2 and ORR”, said Jesse Kropelnicki, Managing Director of QT2 Systems. 

With the merger, Michelle LeBlanc, the Founder of OutRival Racing, has been hired as a QT2 key employee.  Her role within QT2 will be to manage the ORR operating business, and help coach both ORR and QT2 PRO athletes.  Michelle has significant experience coaching age groupers, racing as a PRO herself, managing the ORR business, and coaching professional athletes.  “It was important to me, that a potential partner of ORR share the less tangible ethic of what is important to us – athletes always come first, credibility, teamwork, and excellence in all that we do.  The sharing of these values makes QT2 the perfect partner, and I know that, as we go forward, we will all realize the synergies of these two companies coming together” said LeBlanc, ORR Founder and, now, Chief Operating Officer.

QT2 will leave the OutRival Racing brand as is, and work to optimize their operations, eventually integrating some of the QT2 technical details into their approaches, wherever applicable.  “Our vision is to diversify our space in the marketplace, by offering group services and lower price point training services, via ORR, in addition to their already strong Personal Coaching service”, said Kropelnicki.  The 160-member QT2 triathlon team will remain separate from the 175-member ORR team, however, these teams will develop a race course camaraderie, and share in social events at key races throughout the year.  ORR athletes will also enjoy enhancements to thier service via QT2's technical platform including The Core Diet.

With the merger with ORR, QT2 Systems, LLC now consists of four operating brands including QT2 Systems (www.qt2systems.com), OutRival Racing (www.outrivalracing.com), The Core Diet (www.thecorediet.com), and Your 26.2 (www.yourmarathontrainingplan.com).  Visit their websites for more information.