QT2 Announces First 2014 PRO Training Camp

February 11, 2014

Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of QT2 Systems, has announced the first of three PRO/ELITE squad environment training camps of 2014. Based out of Clermont, FL, this camp will host 25 professional athletes, each of whom work with QT2 Systems. The camp will run for 17 days, beginning on February 14th, utilizing Clermont's renowned National Training Center. The camp has been scheduled for the winter months, in order to allow PROs the opportunity to prepare for early-season races, in weather conditions that they are likely to experience on race day. Kropelnicki said of this year's camp, "I'm excited to have the athletes together again, this year, for some more very valuable and quality face time. All athletes have strengths, physically and mentally, that they can share with, and learn from, others. This camp helps to create the atmosphere for these individual characteristics to be fostered. It also helps athletes learn to deal with adversity and uncertainty, as well as develop the critical mental skills for the upcoming season." Jesse will be assisted, this year in Clermont, by QT2's three other coaches of PRO/ELITE athletes, Tim Snow, Tara Rasch, and John Spinney. Coach Jesse plans to run two other PRO camps, during the summer and fall, in order to continue to cultivate the importance of face-to-face contact with athletes, and the benefits of a squad atmosphere.

The 2014 confirmed list of QT2 athletes attending the Florida camp includes many Ironman podium finishers, and five prior Ironman Champions:

Kaitlin Anelauskas
Chris Baird
AJ Baucco
Brianna Blanchard
Tor Berge
Ray Botelho
Linsey Corbin
Matt Curbeau
Jessie Donavan
Kendra Goffredo
Pedro Gomes
Jacqui Gordon
Caroline Gregory
Jennie Hansen
Amy Javens
Vinny Johnson
Stephanie Jones
Amanda Kourtz
Cindy Lewis
Doug Maclean
Kim Schwabenbauer
Beth Shutt
Caitlin Snow
Darby Thomas
Patrick Wheeler

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