QT2 Partners with TriSports.com!

January 08, 2015

Boston, MA – QT2 Systems is very excited to announce a partnership with TriSports.com, for the upcoming 2015 season.  Harnessing the power of the Internet, TriSports.com is the leading online retailer of triathlon gear, the world over.  Through a robust inventory, and high quality customer service system, TriSports.com is able to serve a wide customer base, from all over the world.  This is an ideal collaboration as, due to an ever-growing, more globally diverse athlete base, it directly addresses QT2’s need for far-reaching support, in the triathlon retailer industry.

As a component of the partnership TriSports.com will be the sole and exclusive multi-sport retailer to QT2’s stable of athletes, throughout 2015.  With this, TriSports.com will also become the sole distributor for QT2 products, to its athletes, throughout the year.  As a result, QT2 athletes will see a significantly increased efficiency in team ordering and product receipt.  QT2’s Triathlon Racing Team will also be eligible to receive deep discounts and significant promotions, throughout the year.

This is a model relationship between two companies who are committed to excellence in their respective fields, exploring new ways to reach athlete needs, and provide the best opportunities for success.  Jesse Kropelnicki, Founder of QT2 Systems, said of the affiliation “The opportunity to partner with the leading retailer in our industry’s online sector meets a tremendous demand, which we have been searching for, for quite some time.  The ability to provide our athletes around the country the same opportunities that our local athletes have always enjoyed, is very, very exciting.  TriSports.com does that for us.”  

TriSports.com Vice President, Debbie Claggett, sums up the partnership as a perfect dovetailing of two companies who work to meet every need of the athletes they service, and continually provide an excellent customer experience.  “QT2 Systems is a large presence and very well represented throughout the world.   We look forward to working with them, to assist them with their fulfillment, provide them with the triathlon gear they need at the best prices, and with top-notch customer care. This will free them up to concentrate on what they do best - provide world class coaching.”

The QT2 Systems Triathlon Racing Team is comprised of triathletes of every level, from the first time endurance athlete to top-tier professionals.  The 2015 edition of the team fields over 160 athletes, and is the most geographically diverse to date. 

For more information on TriSports.com, or to shop, visit www.trisports.com. http://www.qt2systems.com to learn more about the 2015 QT2 Triathlon Racing Team.