About Us

  • QT2 Systems LLC, offers complete endurance event preparation via its brands QT2 Systems (Detailed Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach & Group Training), The Run Formula (Run Coach) and The Core Diet (Endurance Nutrition). 
  • QT2’s over 40 professional USA Triathlon certified coaches and Registered Dietitians offer one-on-one training and nutrition to over 35 professionals, over 60 elite age group athletes (Kona and Boston qualifiers), and more than 600 beginner to mid-level athletes throughout the country and worldwide. 
  • QT2's suite of websites offer online personal training and nutrition packages, triathlon and running calculators, training and nutrition tips, and athlete forums.
  • QT2 believes that its nutrition aspects, attention to detail via unified protocols, ability to work as a team, and staff QA/QC processes are what separate it from many of the available coaching outlets on the market. 
  • QT2 works with over 700 athletes on an ongoing basis and much more via one-time services, mostly competing at IRONMAN or Marathon.  
  • If you are a triathlete or runner looking for attention detail, or an endurance athlete looking for a nutrition program, check out QT2 brands QT2 Systems (Detailed Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach & Group Training)The Run Formula (Run Coach), and The Core Diet (Endurance Nutrition)!