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Over 33 athletes qualified to Kona in 2014 using QT2 coaching.  Use QT2 to gain speed, save time and stay ahead of your competition using detailed protocols. Discover how the leading coaching group in the world can help you!

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Whether you are training for triathlon or looking for an Ironman coach, QT2 understands the details involved in personal triathlon coaching and Ironman training. The training, nutrition, and execution processes used by QT2 triathlon training plans have been developed meticulously for over 15 years and provide a unique chance for triathletes to get the products and attention to detail rivaled by only the world's best triathlon coaches. If you take your triathlon racing and training as seriously as we do, then our personalized services will assist you in reaching your athletic triathlon and Ironman potential.

QT2 Systems LLC, offers complete endurance event preparation via its brands QT2 Systems (Advanced Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach), Your 26.2 (Run Coach) and The Core Diet (Endurance Sports Nutrition)

-Jesse Kropelnicki

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QT2 Announcements

August Triathlon Seminar in Hartford, CT!

May 07, 2015

QT2 Systems is excited to announce its upcoming Triathlon Seminar, to be held in conjunction with USA Triathlon’s Level 1 Coaching Clinic the previous 2 days, in Hartford, CT!  

QT2 Systems Announces Key Partnership with Beet Performer for 2015 Racing Season.

May 05, 2015

QT2 Systems, LLC is very excited to announce a key partnership with Beet Performer for the upcoming 2015 season. This partnership will aid triathlon nutrition and performance, as more and more research demonstrates beet juice as an endurance-enhancing body fuel amongst endurance athletes. Beet Performer contains 100% beet juice, no caffeine, and no added sugar.

Beat Your Mark partners with QT2 Systems.

May 01, 2015

Boston, MA May 1, 2015 Beat Your Mark (BYM), is proud to partner with QT2 Systems, LLC and its two other operating businesses Your 26.2 and OutRival Racing. BYM will offer its platform to their coaches and athletes across the US.



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Upcoming Triathlon Webinar

Clarifying The QT2 Workout Library

Date: July 17, 2015
Time: 08:00 PM

Workout libraries have grown year over year, becoming more and more complex, to keep pace with individualized approaches to  training methodologies.  This can, at times, leave athletes scratching their heads.  This webinar will take an in-depth look at QT2's own workout library, breaking down some of our more misunderstood workouts, clarifying their purpose and execution.  Join us!

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Coached Athlete Results

Kinetic, Half, May 09, 2015
Daniel Szajta 04:25:06 8th OA! PR!
John Kitchen 04:41:58 5th AG! PR!
7 Sisters Trail Race, May 03, 2015
Sam Farnsworth 02:50:33 92th OA!
New Jersey Devilman, May 03, 2015
Orlando Rota 03:26:49 5th AG!
Battle at Burlingame 6hr MTB Endurance Race, May 03, 2015
Daniel Patnaude 01:48:00 20th AG!
Bassman Half Triathlon, May 03, 2015
Andrew Cruz 04:14:03 4th OA! PR!
Bloomsday-Spokane WA, May 03, 2015
Keith Hertel 47:35:00 7th AG!
Monticelloman Olympic, May 03, 2015
Daniel Szajta 02:05:29 3rd OA! PR!
Pays D'Aix 70.3, May 03, 2015
Julian Underwood 04:46:00 15th AG!
Ironman 70.3 St. George, Utah, May 02, 2015
Joey Dussich 04:39:00 7th AG!
Francisco Octavio Ascolani 04:53:02 12th AG!
White Lake International, May 02, 2015
Sophie Evans 02:37:00 1st AG!
St Anthonys Olympic, Apr 26, 2015
William Jurkowski 02:01:20 14th OA!
Colin Goldsmith 02:19:43 5th AG! PR!
Ironman 70.3 Texas, Apr 26, 2015
Matt Curbeau 04:03:00 15th OA! PR!
Beth Shutt 04:21:03 6th OA! PR!
Ted Cochrane 04:23:33 4th AG! PR!
Kaitlin Anelauskas 04:30:09 12th OA!
Sarah Bay 04:33:15 3rd OA! PR!
Keith Hertel 04:36:57 3rd AG!
Rob Gilfeather 05:09:12 31th AG!
Donavon Lewis 05:19:00 93th AG!
St. Lukes Half Marathon, Apr 26, 2015
Amy Garrison 01:43:07 11th AG!
Melissa Labrie 01:53:58 743th OA!
Plattsburgh Half marathon, Apr 26, 2015
Joyce Holsten 01:30:28 1st OA!
Mary Duprey 01:39:38 1st AG! PR!
Plattsburgh Half Marathon, Apr 26, 2015
Scott Holsten 01:33:05 1st AG! PR!
Xterra West Championship; Las Vegas, NV, Apr 25, 2015
Suzie Snyder 02:31:33 3rd OA!

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