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Over 34 athletes qualified to Kona in 2014 using QT2 coaching.  Use QT2 to gain speed, save time and stay ahead of your competition using detailed protocols. Discover how the leading coaching group in the world can help you!

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Whether you are training for triathlon or looking for an Ironman coach, QT2 understands the details involved in personal triathlon coaching and Ironman training. The training, nutrition, and execution processes used by QT2 triathlon training plans have been developed meticulously for over 15 years and provide a unique chance for triathletes to get the products and attention to detail rivaled by only the world's best triathlon coaches. If you take your triathlon racing and training as seriously as we do, then our personalized services will assist you in reaching your athletic triathlon and Ironman potential.

QT2 Systems LLC, offers complete endurance event preparation via its brands QT2 Systems (Advanced Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach), Your 26.2 (Run Coach) and The Core Diet (Endurance Sports Nutrition)

-Jesse Kropelnicki

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QT2 Announcements

8 More Kona Slots Earned at Ironman Lake Placid for QT2 Systems athletes!

July 28, 2015

You never know what to expect come Ironman weekend and this year was no different in Lake Placid. What started out as a normal pre-race Saturday ended up being a tragic reminder that life can change in an instant.

2016 IRONMAN Lake Placid Training Special!

July 28, 2015

On the tail of the QT2 Coaching Group’s success at IMLP over the weekend, we are offering a special on our popular Annual Mission Plans - the program that helped produce 33 Kona qualifying athletes last year alone! 

Application of QT2 Coaching Principles Across Disciplines

July 09, 2015

QT2 Coach, John Spinney, breaks down how he applies QT2 training principles across a full roster of athletes from all different backgrounds, having different strengths/weaknesses, and all with different focuses and goals. 



2015 QT2 Kona Qualifiers:


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Coached Athlete Results

70.3 Racine, Jul 19, 2015
Beth Shutt 04:35:47 11th OA!
Kathryn Thomas 04:37:37 12th OA! PR!
Kaitlin Anelauskas 05:04:07 20th OA!
Panasonic Lifetime Tri New York City, Jul 19, 2015
Rob Gilfeather 02:21:38 11th AG!
Xterra Mountain Championship; Beaver Creek, CO, Jul 18, 2015
Suzie Snyder 02:38:01 5th OA!
YOLO Triathlon, Jul 18, 2015
Sarah Bay 02:21:28 1st OA! PR!
Jacksonville Tri Olympic #2, Jul 18, 2015
Robert Kniss 02:01:54 1st AG!
Challenge Roth 140.6, Jul 12, 2015
Rodney Scott 09:33:34 13th AG!
Musselman Half Iron, Jul 12, 2015
Jason Frank 04:17:00 2nd OA!
Dean Haspela 04:41:46 1st AG!
Fran Vincent 05:07:24 5th OA! PR!
Sorita Averill 06:49:42 14th AG!
Vineman 70.3, Jul 12, 2015
Alex Begg 00:00:00
Scott Taylor 05:04:35 9th AG! PR!
Winchendon State Triathlon, Jul 12, 2015
Frank Nelson 02:15:30 11th AG!
Petur Nielsen 02:22:53 14th AG! PR!
Mattapoisett sprint triathlon, Jul 12, 2015
tammy swift 01:05:35 2nd AG! PR!
Colonial Beach International, Jul 12, 2015
John Kitchen 02:16:31 1st AG!
Falmouth sprint triathlon, Jul 11, 2015
Matt Engle 51:36:00 5th OA! PR!
Brent Edmonds 56:17:00 6th AG! PR!
Kane strong 5k, Jul 11, 2015
tammy swift 24:05:00 1st AG!
Pilgrims baseball 5k, Jul 10, 2015
tammy swift 25:03:00 3rd OA!
Plymouth Independence Day 5k, Jul 04, 2015
tammy swift 28:31:00 35th AG!
Challenge Atlantic city half aquabike, Jun 29, 2015
tammy swift 03:31:41 1st OA!

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