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Whether you are training for triathlon or looking for an Ironman coach, QT2 understands the details involved in personal triathlon coaching and Ironman training. The training, nutrition, and execution processes used by QT2 triathlon training plans have been developed meticulously for over 10 years and provide a unique chance for triathletes to get the products and attention to detail rivaled by only the world's best triathlon coaches. If you take your triathlon racing and training as seriously as we do, then our personalized services will assist you in reaching your athletic triathlon and Ironman potential.

-Jesse Kropelnicki

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QT2 Announcements

QT2 Qualifies 32 Athletes For 2014 Ironman World Championship

September 09, 2014

QT2 Systems, LLC is very excited to announce that it has, again, qualified more than 30 athletes, for the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, HI on October 11, 2014.  Having qualified 31 athletes, throughout the 2014 qualifying season, a large contingent of QT2ers will be making the trip to the Big Island, and racing.  This represents the second year, in a row, that the coaching organization’s team of professional, elite, and age group athletes, from all over the world, has sent at least 30 athletes to the world championship event.  

QT2 Systems Athletes Deliver at Ironman Lake Placid!

August 01, 2014

In fifteen previous Lake Placid Ironman's not once was the two-loop swim of Mirror Lake shortened. That is until 2014. With the forecast leading up to Sunday's race calling for scattered showers it wasn't if the rain would come, but when.

QT2 Systems Named Official Coach of IRONMAN® Chattanooga Triathlon!

July 17, 2014

QT2 Systems (QT2) is excited to announce that it is the "Official Coach" of the Little Debbie IRONMAN® Chattanooga triathlon, benefitting Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.  QT2 is a world leading triathlon coaching group, specializing in the training for, and fueling of, long distance events.  


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Upcoming Triathlon Webinar

Demystifying The Elusive Taper

Date: October 19, 2014
Time: 08:00 PM

Triathlon training requires countless months, days, and hours, of consistent sacrifice.  All of this hard work should never be nullified in the final weeks leading into your goal event(s).  So many athletes struggle during the final portion of their training.  Some do too much.  Some do too little.  Some too hard.  Some too easy.  It's a 'mystery, wrapped in an enigma'; The Taper.  This webinar will discuss different taper schemes, and when, how, and why to use them.  Join us!

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Coached Athlete Results

Ocean Community YMCA Sprint Triathlon, Sep 21, 2014
Megan Moynihan 02:09:19 1st AG!
Mighty Moraine Man Half Ironman, Sep 21, 2014
Bruce Jenkins 05:00:00 2nd OA!
Ironman Maryland, Sep 20, 2014
anne halaby 12:42:00 30th AG! PR!
Duxbury Sprint Triathlon, Sep 20, 2014
Susan Clavin 01:26:33 6th AG!
Rev 3 Poconos, Sep 14, 2014
Timothy Clarke 04:16:00 1st OA! PR!
REV3 Pocono Mtn Half, Sep 14, 2014
Amy Garrison 05:32:45 1st AG!
Paradise Coast International, Sep 14, 2014
Colin Goldsmith 02:15:47 1st OA! PR!
Black Diamond - Olympic Triathlon, Sep 14, 2014
Brenda Parnell 02:55:59 1st AG!
Onalaska 1/2 Triathlon, Sep 14, 2014
Mike Sgro 06:45:09 1st AG!
Savageman 70, Sep 14, 2014
Leslie Knibb 05:52:00 3rd OA!
Deep pond duathlom, Sep 13, 2014
anne halaby 01:21:00 5th OA! PR!
Bear Lake Brawl, Sep 12, 2014
Brady Murray 04:23:17 3rd OA! PR!
Ironman 70.3 World Champs, Mont Tremblant, Sep 07, 2014
Rich Burke 04:14:07 1st AG!
Rodney Scott 04:19:06 11th AG!
Ted Cochrane 04:27:20 32th AG!
Alex Begg 04:28:39 5th AG!
Alexandre Albuquerque 04:33:07 61th AG!
Joey Dussich 04:34:35 475th OA!
Rooney Castle 04:39:22 94th AG!
Keith Hertel 04:41:59 14th AG!
John Noonan 04:42:11 5th AG!
Kimberly Fabian 04:48:00 4th AG!
william wiseman 05:00:14 60th AG!
Sophie Evans 05:06:00 37th AG!
Bruce Cook 05:21:16 22th AG!
Jennifer Ward 05:23:00 37th AG!
Linda Hurley 05:24:59 41th AG! PR!
Mary Duprey 05:28:47 8th AG!
Betsy Fader 05:53:32 52th AG!
Fredric Silverblatt 07:21:00 3rd AG!
Pumpkinman Half Ironman, Sep 07, 2014
Vinny Johnson 04:06:00 2nd OA! PR!
Tim Tapply 04:09:59 4th OA!
David Frank 04:26:17 11th OA! PR!
Jesse Marquardt 04:32:03 16th OA! PR!
Dean Haspela 04:32:06 3rd AG! PR!
Keith Manning 04:46:32 4th AG!
Mariana Lara 04:49:46 3rd OA! PR!
Bill Rivers 04:56:59 6th AG! PR!
Rick Brown 05:00:00 7th AG!
David Bichara 05:01:24 6th AG! PR!
Eric Furfine 05:03:28 2nd AG! PR!
Debi Caprio 05:26:10 3rd AG! PR!
Megan Moynihan 07:16:57 2nd AG! PR!
Powerman Zofingen, Sep 07, 2014
Barbara Tardiff 09:36:00 1st AG! PR!
Ironman Wisconsin, Sep 07, 2014
Pedro Gomes 08:36:56 3rd OA!

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